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Investing With Us

Connection Capital clients are able to consider each of our investment opportunities in detail before deciding whether or not to participate.

Opportunities are presented in the form of an Investment Proposal (“IP”) which covers all aspects of the deal including the investment terms, the financial structure, the potential risks and the targeted returns, including exit strategy and timescale.

Our IPs are concise, thorough and presented in a standard format. Many of our clients make a decision to invest, or not, entirely on the basis of the information presented in the IP. Others have questions or require additional information and, as such, we are always available to discuss the investment in more detail or answer any questions, in person or by telephone or email.

All of our investments are available to clients in multiples of £25,000. Many clients will invest £25,000, £50,000 or even £100,000 plus per transaction, and on a regular basis, while others will invest much larger sums, but less frequently.

With our private equity investments, each tranche usually acquires a combination of Ordinary Shares and either Preference Shares or Loan Notes, often with a coupon (yield) attached, although the bulk of the total return will almost always be in the form of capital gain. Our commercial property and alternative asset fund investments are most commonly made using a Limited Partnership (“LP”) structure. These investments will often be “yielding” too although, once again, most of the return will usually be in the form of capital gain.

Clients may choose to invest using a variety of vehicles including corporates, trusts and pension schemes, including SIPP and SSAS.

Once the investment is complete our clients receive an Investment Review and Portfolio Valuation Statement on a half yearly basis. We are, however, always available to discuss our clients’ portfolios should they prefer more regular updates.

All of our investments are fully managed by us on the syndicate’s behalf, including the exit process. In this way, our clients benefit from the extensive experience of the Connection Capital team in sourcing, completing, managing and exiting private equity, property and alternative asset fund investments.

Clients can invest in units of £25,000