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Alternative Asset Funds

We offer our clients access to third party alternative asset funds that are typically available to institutional investors only. Alternative assets include private equity, mezzanine finance and real estate, in addition to less well known emerging asset classes, such as bridging finance and commercial litigation funding.

Typical target net returns to investors are c2x for illiquid funds and 12-15% IRR for liquid funds.

Fund offerings are diversified across asset type, fund type, strategy, vintage year, sector, size and geographic region.

Investment Criteria

Connection Capital has developed relationships directly with fund managers and third party advisers in order to gain access to the best performing funds on behalf of our clients. Our aim is to only access top tier performing funds that typically only accept institutional investors or funds which may be open to private investors but have high minimum entry levels. We look to develop a complete understanding of the fund manager’s investment strategy and track record. We look for funds investing in buyouts, venture capital, secondary assets, mezzanine, real estate, infrastructure and niche emerging alternative asset classes with the following criteria:

  • Strong and balanced fund management teams
  • Experience in all aspects of the proposed investment strategy
  • The ability to create value
  • An exceptional track record
  • Consistency in investment strategy
  • Proven investment discipline
  • Stability
  • Motivation to maximise value for investors

Fund Selection

Through our extensive network we are introduced to a large number of alternative asset fund managers. In choosing opportunities, we follow a comprehensive due diligence process when assessing fund management teams, their track record, investment strategy, investment process including benchmarking against other fund managers, reference checking and the negotiation of terms.

Clients can invest in units of £25,000