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Investment Completion - White Square Pure Alpha Fund

6 May 2016

We are pleased to announce that we have now completed our first hedge fund investment: a commitment of almost $6m to White Square Pure Alpha (or “WSPA”). 

  • Investment Date: April 2016

  • Investment: c.$6m

  • Legal advisers: Gateley plc

WSPA is the first fund from emerging hedge fund manager, White Square Capital. Our private investor clients have been able to access this fund, whose minimum investment is $500,000, since we aggregate them such that they can invest as little as £25,000 as part of a managed syndicate. In this way we provide them with access to funds such as WSPA which are aimed predominately at institutional investors.

WSPA pursues an “equity market neutral strategy”, meaning the fund buys stocks (goes long) and sells stocks (goes short) with the goal of neutralising exposure to the general stock market and capturing positive returns regardless of market direction.

White Square Capital, the investment manager, uses proprietary models to take advantage of the behaviour of other investors in crowded investment strategies in North American, UK and European large cap equities.

WSPA has generated net returns of 52.1% since its inception in 2014 which have been uncorrelated to the broader equity markets and positive over the volatile period since the beginning of 2016. Performance for the YTD 2016 was +14.9%, as of 29 April.

This opportunity provides our clients with the attractive prospect of including uncorrelated assets in their portfolios to help reduce overall portfolio risk while boosting return potential. Uncorrelated assets are assets whose change in value neither affects, nor is affected by the value of the other assets in a portfolio, thus providing a hedge against exposure to more mainstream investment classes such as stock/bond markets or developments in the wider economy.

"Private investors may not be able to access hedge fund investments as minimum investments can be prohibitively high. The Connection Capital model allows investors the opportunity to access a range of different fund products in sizes which are more appropriate for their overall portfolio" Emma Bewley, Head of Funds

If you are interested in receiving more information about future investment opportunities and are not yet a client of Connection Capital, please contact Steve Wilson.

Deal Announcement - White Square Pure Alpha

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