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Blantyre Special Situations Fund I

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Connection Capital clients invested £3.8m in Blantyre Special Situations Fund 1 in September 2018. The fund offers access to a portfolio of distressed and special situation opportunities in Europe.

Investment highlights

  • Date of investmentSeptember 2018
  • StrategyDistressed and special situations
  • GeographyEurope
  • Target net return1.4x-1.6x

The fund is managed by FCA-regulated Blantyre Capital Management, which was founded by Mubashir Mukadam. Mubashir is a highly experienced manager with a considerable network and a track record of generating attractive returns throughout the market cycle. 

Before starting Blantyre Mubashir was European Head of Special Situations at global investment company KKR and also worked at York Capital and Deutsche Bank. During this 13-year period he invested $5.2bn across 105 investments.

What is special situations investing?

Investment in transactions where the underlying companies are in some degree of financial stress, or require a transformational change or restructuring.

The Fund can invest in both primary private transactions and secondary investments in the public markets, which leaves the investment manager well placed to take advantage of any distress in either private debt or public credit markets. Investments may include liquidations, restructurings, litigations, loan-to-own and rescue financings.

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