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Raising finance?

Invest in commercial property to target income returns and capital growth from an asset-backed investment class which is relatively uncorrelated with traditional equity and bond markets.

  • 10-15% Target net returns
  • 1-5 yearsDuration
  • c5%Annual income

Commercial property investment criteria

We focus on assets with a purchase value of up to £40m UK wide, from hotels to strategically located logistics hubs, commercial premises in up-and-coming areas or offices in prime urban hotspots. Assets generally have strong tenant covenants and long leases for secure income, as well as the potential for capital growth.

Commercial property investment strategy

We source property assets that can produce long-term income returns. Then we focus on ways to add value to accelerate capital growth, for example by upgrading or expanding the premises and driving rental growth.

In addition, we are able to take an opportunistic approach to acquire and turnaround distressed assets or where there is potential to restructure or reposition an asset.

In some cases, we also ‘forward fund’ the development process. A developer agrees to provide a site with planning consent and to build the property, with signed agreements for leases with tenants in place, while our clients provide the capital to acquire land and fund construction works at a guaranteed maximum price.

Our track record in commercial property

Our Commercial Property portfolio tenants include Travelodge, Aldi, Travis Perkins, Premier Inn and PureGym. Sites are UK wide. As with any investment there are risks involved with investing in commercial property, you can read more on risk here.

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