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Kestrel Opportunities Fund

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In March 2015 Connection Capital clients completed an investment in Kestrel Opportunities Fund, a top performing “UK Smaller Quoted Companies” fund.

The fund manager, Kestrel, seeks to build a concentrated portfolio of companies providing business critical software and services and work proactively with management to improve value.


Investment highlights

  • Fund managerKestrel
  • StrategyUK smaller companies

The Fund focuses on acquiring initial new investments in companies that have a market capitalisation of less than £200 million, although further investments may be made when the market capitalisation exceeds £200 million and the Fund may from time to time invest in larger companies.

Give the fund’s track record in recent years, demand among our clients was such that our allocation was increased by more than 100%. Kestrel is a high quality, FCA authorised and regulated fund manager which is 100% owned by it’s partners and has over £300m of assets under management.

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