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In January 2013 our clients invested in Therium Jersey Limited, an offshore fund providing third party commercial litigation funding, managed by litigation specialist Therium Capital. 

Due to its nature, the strategy is completely uncorrelated with other assets. 

Investment highlights

  • ManagerTherium Capital
  • StrategyLitigation financing

This, Therium Capital Management’s fifth fund, focusses on large commercial litigation and arbitration claims in the UK and internationally. Target cases include, among others, general commercial litigation, shareholder / company disputes, international arbitration and intellectual property disputes. The investment opportunity was popular with our clients not only due to Therium’s strong track record in previous funds, but also as returns are uncorrelated to the economic cycle. As always, the investment was available to our clients in multiples of £25,000 and a variety of vehicles were utilised, including trusts, pension schemes and corporate vehicles.

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