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Robert Clarke

  • Role: Executive Chair and Chair of Investment Committee
  • Email:

I have worked in the alternative assets industry for more than 35 years, after qualifying as a chartered accountant with PWC. Most of my career was spent with various incarnations of the asset manager of Electra Investment Trust plc, where I was involved in fund raising and firm management, alongside private equity transacting.

In 2008 I moved away from a full-time career to personal investing with some NXD roles. This led to me becoming a client of Connection Capital and joining as a Partner in 2012.

Connection Capital is my primary focus, where I now act as Executive Chair and Chair of Investment Committee. I believe the business provides a very valuable service to clients in allowing them access to a broad range of alternative asset investment opportunities, which are usually only available to institutional investors. I have a significant portfolio of investments alongside clients in our deals.

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