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Alternative asset funds

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Invest from £25,000 in a broad range of diversified, uncorrelated and specialist alternative investment fund strategies, which usually have a minimum investment of over £1m.

  • 1.5-3.0xtarget net returns
  • 3-8years duration

Investing in Alternative Funds

Investing through a fund structure means risks and sources of returns are spread across a portfolio of underlying investments, with the objective of adding diversification and smoothing volatility from the fund's overall performance.

We focus on alternative investment fund strategies and alternative investment asset classes which are typically: difficult for private investors to access directly; uncorrelated with conventional equity and bond markets; operated by proven specialists; and which can enhance overall investor portfolio diversification.

These include a broad range of strategies from nascent asset classes, such as litigation funding, to private equity (primary and secondary strategies), venture capital, mezzanine and structured debt, distressed and special situations, real estate, infrastructure and specialist hedge funds.

Our ability to source often unique, hard to access funds, our industry connections, and the rigorous due diligence we undertake on all managers before opportunities are offered to our clients, is not easily replicable by a private investor. This is our value-add.

Ultimately, our aim is to deliver our clients a diverse range of institutional-quality fund opportunities without the restrictions of high minimum ticket sizes. 

Alternative fund investment criteria

Although we review hundreds of funds every year, only a small number pass our stringent due diligence process. Once we identify a potential fund investment opportunity, we undertake a full assessment of the fund management team, the investment strategy in the context of the current macro environement, the track record and the investment and operational processes. We also benchmark the fund and the manager against their peer group, and conduct thorough reference and background checks.

On an ongoing basis, we provide our clients with added insight and updates on fund performance and progress throughout the life of the investment. This process ensures that we continue to select only the top tier performing funds in their sector that our clients cannot access elsewhere.

We look for alternative funds meeting the following criteria:

  • Specialist, stable and experienced fund management team
  • Strong and consistent track record
  • Evidenced value creation in a sustainable, repeatable investment strategy
  • Appropriate strategy size and attractive target returns
  • Niche and nascent strategies difficult to access directly by private investors due to high minimum investment amounts
  • Market timing to capture current macro trends at the right time in the cycle
  • Institutional standard governance
  • Appropriate alignment to maximise value for investors
  • ESG compliance

Our track record in alternative funds

Fund investments now make up just under 40% of our assets under management with 2/3 of our client base having invested with at least one of the 24 managers accessible through us.

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See full team